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For many decades, we are the distributor of many manufacturers across the world. The good quality of products are selected from many countries such as Japan, Italy, USA, Korea, China and Thailand. We are not stop to seek for the factory that produce the goods with a new technology for piping system. There are many brands that we are appointed as a distributor which are KITZ, Shoristu, NSSMC, Vallourec, Benteler, Hyundai, Ulma, Metalfar, Awaji Materia, JD, TAC and so on. As well as the domestic manufacturers, TGPRO, SAHATHAI, FIRST, PACIFIC, TUS and THAREUS are the reliable producers that provide good quality of product and trustworthy relationship.


ROJPAIBOON EQUIPMENT is authorized distributor for KITZ (Valve), SHORISTU (Valve), AWAJI (Fittings), NSSMC (Pipe)

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