Ordering Process

We can receive inquiries from domestic and oversea customers. Because we supply engineering products, technical specifications of each inquired product are needed in order to select and offer the goods suitable for your case. However, if you cannot provide such details or want to consult with us, our sales engineers and technicians are available to assist you.


We can provide many services for our customers, such as delivery service, on-site testing service, inspecting service, consulting service, and so on. All of our services are to ensure that each customer will obtain highest satisfaction from us.

Quality Assurance Procedure

We are not only seeking for reliable manufacturers, but also doing quality assurance by ourselves to minimize and eliminate defective product. Furthermore, we aim to make our customers confident that our company always provides them with high quality products.

Product Certification

All product certifications are verified by the manufacturer. There are no adjustment or adding further information to the certification, because we act as the intermediary. We can guarantee every piece of our products.

Supplier Network

Our suppliers are ones of the best manufacturers of their own field. They consistently supply reliable products and continuously give full supports to our company.

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