About Us


With our business experiences over 30 years and our truly dedicated people, Rojpaiboon Equipment has been recognized extensively by suppliers and customers as a professional, sincere, and trustworthy company. This achievement derived from our strong intention to create and provide most excellent services for all customers and simultaneously to offer highest level of integrity and commitment to all suppliers. Nowadays, Rojpaiboon Equipment is a prominent representative of several leading manufacturers, consisting of KITZ, SHORITSU, AWAJI MATERIA, TA, TAC, NSSMC, SEAH, HYUNDAI HYSCO, HYST, TGPRO, STS, PACIFIC, FIRST, and so on. We offer and carry various quality products including valves, actuated valves, control valves, balancing valves, pipes & tubes, fittings & high pressure fittings, flanges, building automation systems & equipment, and marine-related products, in order to serve each individual customer’s needs. Our management system has also been awarded the ISO 9001 Certificates since version 2000, 2008, and 2015 at present. Hence, we are proud and confident that our company has met the international standard for managing and providing high quality products, and that our customers will obtain great services and excellent satisfaction.


Our goal is to be recognized as a leading professional one-stop-service company for piping materials and building automation systems, along with strengthening long-term relationship with our customers and suppliers.

Our steps of success are full of many milestones. All of the incidents are to improve our company to meet the growing demands of industries and economy.

Certificate and Award
Our company is associated with the International Organization for Standardization and has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificates.

Video Presentation
summary of our company’s profile can be reviewed in the visual presentation.

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