MULTICAL® 603 is a very versatile meter in heat and cooling measurement as it can be applied as both heat, cooling and combined heat/cooling meter. The meter is 3-piece verified, so the calculator, flow sensor and temperature sensors can be replaced, if needed. The meter comes with a built-in Auto Detect function, making it possible to replace the ULTRAFLOW® when needed, without having to manually re-configure the calculator. The meter configuration is easily adapted to any installation via the 3 front keys. The versatile MULTICAL® 603 demands minimal installation requirements  and provides maximum functionality at a competitive price.


Typical usage

Area of Use: Residential, small business, industrial

Measuring Principal: Ultrasonic

Metering Type: Heat, cooling, heat/cooling

Type: Combined meter - separable subassemblies

Heat (MID) and cooling (TS) approvals: Yes

Key specifications

Flow sensor cable: ULTRAFLOW®: ≤ 10 m Cable

                        Extender Box: ≤ 30 m

                        Pulse Transmitter: ≤ 100 m

Temperature sensor cables: 2-wire: ≤ 10 m

                                4-wire: ≤ 100 m

Nominal flow: 0.6 - 1000 m3/h

Sizes: DN15 - DN300

Protection class: Calculator - IP65

                     ULTRAFLOW® IP65/IP67

Nominal Flow Multical: 0.6 - 15000 m3/h

Pressure loss at nominal flow: Typically < 0.1 bar

Battery life: Up to 16 years

Supply: Battery, 24 VAC/VDC, 230 VAC


Module slots: 2 slots + integrated M-Bus

Communication: M-Bus, BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, analogue output and analogue input In-Built M-Bus

Data logger: Programmable logging intervals from 1 minute to 1 year

Backlit display: Yes (option)


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